Now Accepting Submissions for the Spring 2018 Issue!

Surgam is now accepting your best poetry, prose, visual art, and photography for the Spring 2018 issue. The deadline is not until April 6th, so there is plenty of time to get your submission in! All published works of writing will be eligible for a part of the $1500 Philolexian Prize. You can submit with the form here on our website or by sending your work to

We’re going to have a great issue and there’s all this money on the line, so you definitely will want to be a part of it!


Fall 2017 Issue!

I am pleased to update the website with our latest issue. The Fall 2017 issue features the excellent work of two photographers,  five short poems, and a short reflective piece. With this issue, we set out to establish a new standard for the quality and maturity of the magazine and I think that we took a giant first step in accomplishing this.

I would like to thank Hannah Link, our Fall Quaestor, Ryan Render, Moderator of the Philolexian Society this past fall, and the Editorial Committee for making this a possibility and helping me pull everything together. I would also like to thank the Gatsby Grant and Columbia’s Arts Initiative for the financial support necessary for publication.

Here’s to an even better Spring issue and to the continued growth and artistic achievement in Surgam’s future.

Read the issue here or contact me to request a physical copy. There’s still a few left!


Shelby Street

Literary Czar of the Philolexian Society

Surgam – I shall rise

Welcome to the modest website of Surgam, the literary magazine of the Philolexian Society. Here, you can find previous issues, read about our society, contact our leadership, and submit to the upcoming issue. This page will be updated regularly with the dates and times of events and deadlines, along with any other relevant announcements. We want to make the magazine as good as it possibly can be, so if you have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to share them with us.

We hope that you enjoy the fruit of our efforts and that, if you are yourself an artist, you submit your work for consideration.

Thank you!

Shelby Street

Literary Czar of the Philolexian Society